Megan Thee Stallion for This Weeks #MillieMonday

Megan Thee Stallion for This Weeks #MillieMonday

Megan Thee Stallion stands tall for her #hotties. She is unapologetic and unwavering in her desire to elevate herself and those around her. She is constantly pushing the envelope and we are just in awe of her story.


When you're a Millie you have to have the best shoes, your toes stay done, and you are ready to strut past the haters. No need for approvals of others 😒 🤚. You already know you are remarkable! Tall baddies like Megan thee Stallion, sometimes have a hard time finding shoes when they are ready to step out on their hot girl summer-ish. We love women like Hot Girl Meg because she never missteps when it comes to her foot in fashion.

Millie’s Club has the styles every hottie needs to walk into any room feeling sexy, elegant, and comfortable. Our shoe sizes range from a size 5 all the ways to a US Women size 15!  There is nothing worse than not having the right pumps to elevate your look from a cutie to a hottie status. 

Millie’s Club ladies know they can trust in the authentic material our shoes deliver. You can feel free to be unapologetically you and have a great time while looking fab. So don’t stop, get out that camera babe and shoot that next Tik Tok or IG Reel with confidence. Our styles vary from pumps to sandals & from platforms to boots. We have a shoe for every season and every occasion a hottie needs to set any function on fire🔥 . So step out and let everyone outside admire your shoe game.

 Be sure to check out our “Summer Time Fine Collection” and see what deals we have for you to love your looks this Summer 2021. Come outside and stunt hunny. Join the club now and get VIP Millie Club Status.

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